Adriel Slaughter- I just got some Help on the Way Pain Relief Salve - this product is AMAZING! If you have any aches or pains, get this product!

Chris Hillard - I purchased some of the Help On the Way Pain Relief Salve for pain I had been having occasionally in my knees. It brought almost instant relief! Now I use it on days when I know there will be a lot of stress on my knees and it helps with the management of pain.

Valda Grimmett - My husband is a stucco man, who is constantly cutting up and scratching his hands. His hands can be pretty rough! But the “Ripple” Salve is helping to make his hands softer to the touch, healthier looking and most importantly... less painful. Also, we have 5 children in our family so scrapes and abrasions are the norm...This is in my purse/bag/camp kit.... such an overall wonderful Product! Don’t purchase a product that helps..a little or that is rough on the skin. This salve is resourced local and has everything we need as humans to heal the way we were intended! Great product!!!

Paige Hill - Harsh New England winters are no match for Ripple Salve. My dry hands are like new!

Marli Goro - Love my ripple salve!! Not only is it helping my terrible eczema clear up, but it is beautiful to look at too!

Morgan- The Sage Smudge Spray is amazing! Great for instant relaxation, calmness and clarity of thought . It's transformative and I will always be keeping it nearby.

Chad Bowers - I work in a kitchen and am constantly washing my hands. I also live in an unforgivable winter environment in the Laurel Highlands in SW PA. Last winter I was in constant pain with itchy, swollen hands, especially between my webbing. I still have minor dryness and occasional redness but mostly because my hands look and feel so much better than they used to that I forget to put on my salve. Life changer for sure. Thanks for making my job and love of winter activities bearable again.

Kristen Lengyel - I love the Ripple salve! Perfect for chapped skin in this cold winter weather. It also heals scrapes and cuts fast! Quick and easy ordering and shipping taboot!

Heather Browning - I purchased Deep Elm for my husband and I've been using it mostly myself. I carry a lot of tension and stress in my neck and shoulders. I put this on in the evenings to help my muscles before bed. It's excellent!

Jessica King - These products are amazing! I had some deep elm mailed to me and just at the right time. I had pulled a muscle in between shipping. When it arrived, I had my best half rub me down for a couple days. Before I knew it, I had no pain. I couldn't be more pleased in the amount of LOVE, and dedication poured into these products.