• Image of Sweet Violet Oxymel

This has been the gem of my sprint time foraging. Sweet violets are such a stunning and hopeful sign of spring's awakening. Their delicate purple flowers are radiant against the new green landscape. There are many ways to preserve their abundance and this way has been my favorite thus far.

The word “Oxymel” comes from ancient Greek, literally meaning “Acid and Honey,” being an herbal preparation made with vinegar and honey.  It was a medicinal libation back in the old days that has lost consideration and familiarity with the passing of time, but creeps back into popular herbalism today, slowly but surely.

Sweet violet blossoms have long been used internally ito support those suffering from bronchitis, respiratory catarrh, coughs, and asthma. This delightful blend is alcohol free and a wonderful, tangy delight to the taste buds.

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