• Image of Reishi Mushroom Glycerine

- Made with Wild harvested Reishi Mushroom
- Powerful adaptogenic mushroom that helps promote healthy immune function, mood, and energy.
-Promotes calmness in the body and opens up the heart and the crown chakras.

Ingredients: LOVE, reishi mushroom, organic vegetable glycerine, and water. Adults take 1-2 droppers daily as needed.

Alcohol free herbal medicine. A Glycerite based tincture is a great alternative for those seeking alcohol free herbal medicine and a great tasting option for kids. Instead of using alcohol to extract all the wonderful herbal properties from fresh herbs an organic vegetable based glycerine is used. It is very sweet to the taste and is taken internally just like alcohol based tinctures.

***These statements are for informative purposes only and have not been approved by the FDA. If you are pregnant or nursing please consult a physician before starting new herbal regimens.***